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30 Ways to Pay off a Six Figure Debt in Less Than 3 years

Keep your housing costs between 20%-25% of your take home pay. If you can move back home with your parents while working and paying off youe debts, thats even better. Cancel all membership and subscriptions including cable and gym memberships If you are renting, look for all-inclusive apartment (if possible) Avoid paying for a parking stall if you rent. Instead, consider street parking. Live close to easily accessible transit lines […]

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10 Myths About Credit: Myth #7 (Income)

Myth #7: My income (how much I make) affects my credit score. Reality: The credit bureaus don’t care how much you make, only your ability to repay back the credit that was extended to you. This information is reported to them by your lenders. Actually, your income is not even reported on your credit report just other employer information like company name and address. Your income has no bearing on […]

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Would You Date Someone With Debt?

To some, bringing up the topic of debts conjures feelings of shame, denial, and a sense of intrusion into one’s personal space or even resentment. To others it may be a neutral topic. One that is well received without reservation or apprehension. Why do we respond differently to the same question? I have no idea. I am not a psychologists, but the stark difference in how topics surrounding money are […]

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