Your Why Needs to Be Strong Enough

If there is anything our debt repayment journey has taught me, its that you can accomplish anything with enough focus and intention.  Knowing this has served me well not only in my finances, but in other areas of life.  However, I have also come to realize that focus and intention are not enough, you need passion/drive.  Why is passion so important, because will power alone won’t do it.  Your WHY must be big enough.

I read so many other successful personal finance bloggers that have paid off much more than we have and in a short period of time.  I always think to myself, “to pull this off, their why much have been huge.” I believe this to be true not only for financial goals but for any other goal one may have.

Those that have followed me from the beginning know that I have a business background.  I completed my undergraduate degree in accounting and later pursued an MBA.  My initial desire and intent was complete my CPA designation as I like working with numbers and am highly analytical.  As I navigated my way in the working world after completing my first degree, I starting working as an Accountant.  Although I enjoyed the technical aspect and skills that I have learned through this experience, I found the atmosphere that I was working in to be lonely and disengaged from people.  As much as I enjoy working independently, I also find social interactions re-energize me, or at the very least, make a dull day pleasant.  However, I figured I have put in this much time and effort, I might as well complete the designation and work in the industry for a few years and then move on.

Fast forward to this year, I still find myself unexcited about this endeavour.  I knew I needed to search myself and figure out what it is I want to do with my life.  I started to evaluate why I pursued this path in the first place.  It was only then that I realized the level of influence my siblings and family had on my career choices.  Of course, I was never forced into it, but it is hard to grow up seeing your older siblings take one path, be successful and not naturally want to follow.  Being the youngest of 6 siblings and having brothers and sisters with accounting and finance designation (including a CPA) and graduate degrees, I thought this was the natural path to success.  Somewhere along the way I stopped asking myself “why” and just continued to pursue the “how.”

As time passed on, I realized that I never truly established a strong enough “why” for pursuing this dream, or the “why” I convinced myself was not truly my own, but someone else.  So, over time, there was not enough discipline and will power to convince me to continue down this path.

The upside to this experience is that I don’t consider the years and time I put in pursuing this a waste.  Having a technical skill like accounting has opened the doors for me and provided me with the opportunity to use my analytical skills and gain some new skills along the way.  I also enjoy business tremendously, so I don’t regret pursuing a bachelors of commerce degree.  With the education and experience that I have, I can pursue other areas of business and technology and my hope is that the learning curse will not be too steep.

My focus for 2017 is to discover a new career path for myself.  One that considers my current skills and passions.  A career that gets me excited to go to work every morning and challenges me.  As I transition out of accounting, I am excited to discover my own “why” and truly make the reason my own.  To make this decision truly my own, I have decided not discuss this with my parents or older siblings (they don’t follow my blog) until I have a firm decision and my why is strong enough to overcome the pressure from others.  I am blessed that my husband supports me 100% on this journey and is helping me navigate this process.  I know whatever I end up transitioning into will be business related and probably have an analytical/technical component to it, but I am not sure what that looks like.

Overall I have no regrets.  I think a part of growing up is being able to differentiate yourself from others and focus on what it is you want out of life.  I am excited about this journey because unlike my first career path, this will truly be my own.  One orchestrated by my own vision, passion and desire.

Whatever I do decide to pursue I will need to do it part-time (at least to start) as my husband and I continue to save, spend wisely and grow our family.  I am happy with everything I have accomplished so far and I do not take any of it for granted.  As I solidify what this new path will look like, I look forward to sharing it with you all.

What about you?  Have you ever pursued something and than realize your “why” was not strong enough?  How did you adjust, and how did it work out in the end?


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  1. There have been hobby’s I started and then stopped as the passion was not there. To me, that is ok. It is a learning. You can not find your passions overnight.


  2. I’m a pretty simple guy, and all my life I’ve really only put effort into my career and my businesses. Other parts of my life kind of just fell to the wayside.


  3. What a great post! I listened to a TED talk about True Grit, that people that succeed in the end have it in them to keep their heads down and do the work, for years at a time. Most people give up or turn away at such a challenge. I find myself more introspective by the moment as the round the bend with 20k remaining from an initial 100k in student loan debt. It appears I’ll be finished with my task in four years. I appreciate your post!


    • Thanks Angela.
      I have listened to that TED talk piece on Grit, very inspiring.
      Congratulations on getting to the final stretch of your student loan debt repayment goal. It is a wonderful feeling once your done. My ‘why’ was strong enough for paying off my student loans and I think we need to keep that in mind for every area of our life. I think I gravitated towards the CPA route because of the financial security but chasing money as an end goal will leave most people empty inside. It is personally not a strong enough motivator for me.
      I am glad you enjoyed the post.

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      • I certainly hope that your next venture fulfills you. Hopefully something creative as you are a writer! What a task it is to find that thing that both fulfills you and challenges you in adult life. Its something I’m working on now and I feel with intermittent success. But we just keep going !


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