10 Ways to Ensure You Reach Your Goals

  1. Have a mastermind group for goals. A master mind group is a group of people that meet together on a regular basis to exchange ideas, provide encouragement and input on a topic common to the group. Have a group of 3-4 individuals that are focused on achieving their respective goals for the coming year. Their goals don’t have to be similar to yours but each member in the group should have the following:
    1. A written action plan including practical steps on how they plan on achieving their goals.
    2. Resources to help them achieve their goals
    3. A strong desire to see their goals completed before the New Year

              As a member of the master mind group, your objective is bounce ideas on best practices to achieving the goals, provide tips and networking connections when needed to help your fellow members achieve their goals quickly and caution them of potential drawbacks and pitfalls to their plan.

  1. Start your day no later than 5:30am. Start your day early and get more stuff done. I am not a morning person but I am learning to be so I can get more out of each day. Starting your day early can help you reach your goals quicker because:
    1. Waking up early gives you time for meditation and self reflection. Wherever you get your source of motivation and peace, starting your morning routine early helps you put your day into perspective.
    2. Having more control of your day. The early morning is when people have the most control of their day. This may be the best time to exercise, read a book, watch a podcast or catch up on emails. The later the day, the more likely your immediate plans may be derailed.
    3. Get more stuff done. The earlier you start your day, the more time you have to get stuff done, especially if tasks include others.
  1. Surround yourself with people you aspire to become. We all know the saying that we are the average of our 5 closest friends. I believe that there is truth in the saying. We cannot interact with people on a regular basis and not expect to inherit their level of energy, point of views, and perspective on life. This is not to say that we should only engage with people that we aspire to become. However, in order to remain focused on achieving your goals, be sure to include in your routine:
    1. Attending conferences, workshops and networking events in your area of focus. Connecting with other people that share your passion is a great way to stay motivated when the going gets tough.
    2. Listen to podcasts and YouTube clips. Some of my favourite motivational speakers and life coaches live in the United States so I don’t get to readily attend their live talks. However, I incorporate their teachings weekly in my life by listening to their podcasts and YouTube clips.
    3. Join a mentoring program. Research to see if there are any mentoring programs in your area of focus. A good mentor can make a big difference towards the progress of your goals.
  1. Keep the goals in front of your eyes. Put your goals in writing. Putting goals in writing keeps them in the forefront of your mind. By putting these goals on paper, it forces us to acknowledge the presence of the goals and take action. I also use visions boards where I write out my goals, add pictures and decorate the board. I incorporate relevant quotes from time to time that reflect the current struggles or triumphs I am facing.
  1. Make S.M.A.R.T goals. This is an acronym that stands for:
    1. Most goals we make are vague. If a goal is vague, it becomes difficult to know how to start executing the goal.
    2. All goals can be quantified even non-financial goals. There should be a numerical value that helps you determine when you have hit your target. Example: calories burned, months to complete, dollar amount etc.
    3. Do you have the foundational footing to make this goal a reality? i.e.) education, skill level etc. If not, what will you need to get the education and skills? Can you outsource some of the work to reach your goal quicker? Etc.
    4. Is this goal something achievable given all factors?
    5. Time bound. How much time will you need to achieve this goal? Providing a deadline for each goal provokes a sense of urgency to get things done.
  1. Reward yourself proportionate to your mini accomplishments. Achieving a major goal usually requires the completion of many mini goals along the way. A great way to stay motivated is to reward yourself every time you complete a mini goal. The reward should be proportionate to the goal completed so you are not under or over rewarding yourself. Not all rewards need to cost money, but should feel like a treat to you. Some examples include:
    1. Designating a write off day. Designate a day off where you do nothing but relax and enjoy yourself. This down time may be just what you need to refuel and keep pushing.
    2. Enjoy an activity with friends. Invite some friends over and have a potluck, play some board games and relax. This is a great way to reconnect with friends and family even when striving to work towards goals
    3. Give yourself a dollar amount for spending. Allocate a small amount of money towards celebrating when you achieve a mini goal. For example, set aside $20 to take yourself out to the movies, grab a few drinks or order in.
  1. Don’t be rigid in your approach, but remain focused on the end result. At times we may be caught up in the process we originally laid out that we forget there are many ways to reach our goals. Focus on reaching the end result and revisit the details as you learn more.
  1. Write your daily plan of action the night before. Using a planner or your phone, write out the tasks you need to complete the next day the night before. This allows you to map out your entire day and gives you the motivation to wake up and execute those plans.
  1. Limit the number of major goals to five. Having too many goals will result in dividing your efforts into too many areas of your life. Single mindedness and focus requires the ability to narrow your goals. If the goals are compelling and challenging, you should find them to be more than plenty. Also avoid setting all your goal deadlines for Dec 31. This will increase procrastination and anxiety as the month’s progress.
  1. Lower your learning curve by talking to others who have done it. They say experience is the best teacher, but sometimes not having to go through something can also be a blessing. If you can avoid pitfalls and detours on the way to reaching your goal, you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache.



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