Finance Collabo & Weekly Blog Favs #4


I did a collaborative post with 5 other amazing bloggers: Distilled Dollar, The Practical Saver, Millennial Budget, It Pays Dividends & The Budget Mom.

Check out the post titled: 50+ Money Making & Savings Tips


Now onto my favorite finance posts for the week, check them out below:

Tax Optimized Investment

Kate @ Tax Optimized Investment discusses a topic that many overlook but I personally enjoy and use it as another strategy to help save money for our family….tax planning. In this post ‘Why You Should Care About Taxes even after April 15’ she addresses the importance of not overlooking your tax bill as an option for reducing expenses. She provides an example of how one can live soley off of dividend income without touching the principal and how not all taxes are created equal. She closes by providing 3 strategies that help to minimize taxes. This is a good read, even if you are not a fan of taxes.

Disease Called Debt

Hayley @ Disease Called Debt talks about some of the extreme measures she has taken to get out of debt. Having taken an extrement debt repayment strategy myself, I could relate to some of it. If you are looking to slash your clothing expense to close to zero while you are getting out of debt then her post ‘How we Avoided Buying New Clothes for a Whole Year’ is a great read.

The Practical Saver:

Allan @ The Practical Saver looks at ‘ Why it May be Diificult to Distinguish Needs from Wants’. In this post he addresses the three major factors that can cause someone to not be able to make a definitive disntiction between the two. These include: attitude, lifestyle and increased wealth. His analysis of these 3 factors is on point and he addresses many of the issues we have all struggled with at some point in our lives.




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