Why You Should Consider Being a T.A While in School

Katie @ Femme Frugality asked me to do a post on how to become a teaching assistant while in schoool to earn extra cash. Of course I was super excited to do the post. It’s a great way to earn some money while in school. I encourage those attending post-seondary sooon or already in post-secondary to consider this as an option to making some money.

In this post I talk about:

  • My experience as an undergraduat teaching assistant
  • How someone can become a teaching assistant while in school
  • What type of skills you need to become a successful teaching assistant
  • The benefits of being an undergraduate teaching assistant
  • And what you can expect to do as an undergraduate teaching assistant

Check out my post by clicking here. Also, be sure to check out Femme Frugality blog site for some great money tips and tricks and don’t forget to follow Katie on Twitter.

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