Weekly Blog Favourites #2

It’s always great to gain perspective from other people’s experience in life and acquire knowledge from their experience. In this weekly piece, I share with you some of my favourate blog reads during the week covering any and all subjects of interest. I encourage you to give them a read hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Check out this weeks blog favourites:

Early Retirement Now:

ERN @ Early Retirement Now has a post called ‘Gold vs Paper Money: a rant’ which I enjoyed reading. In this post ERN passionately speaks about why gold and silver coins are not a good form of investment, and why one should strive to accumulate equity investments instead. Whether you agree with this notion or not, you may find the numbers compelling enough to give it a second look. If all else, the humour and sarcasm was good too.

Finance Superhero:

If you like competing arguments,  than you will like Finance Superhero’s Term Life vs. Whole Life Insurance discussion on term or whole life insurance. I personally have a term life policy but that is my personal preferences and what works best for me and my family. In this post Finance Superhero talks about the benefits of term life insurance and why it’s superior to whole life. In his post he revisits a dialogue he had with a commentor around this issue. Whether you like one or the other, or are indifferent with insurance all together, this is an enjoyable read.

Cashville Skyline:
I really like how Kate describes the value of one’s time and money as they grow older in her post ‘How Much is an Hour of Your Life Worth?’. Through her own experience Kate from Cashville Skyline takes her readers through her journey of  different jobs she held from when she was a child to an adult and how the notion of equating time with money has changed over the years for her. This article is a great illustration of how our perspectives around ‘time is money’ change as we get older.

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