Weekly Blog Favourites #1

It’s always great to gain perspective from other people’s experience in life and acquire knowledge from their experience. In this weekly piece, I share with you some of my favourate blog reads during the week covering any and all subjects of interest. I encourage you to give them a read hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Check out this weeks blog favourites:

Free to Pursue:

I enjoyed reading Free to Pursue’s article on Retirement and Financial Independence = Apples and Oranges. Her take on traditional retirement thinking and financial independence thinking was different and refreshing. She highlights the difference between these two ideas and provides for arguments for both. This was a delightful read and a great way of looking at retirement differently.

The Millennial Budget:

Ever since we paid off our student loans, investing in the stock market has been a major priority for me and Mr.MMC. With the first half of 2016 dedicated to fully funding our funds (emergency fund, baby fund, vacation fund), we are now able to put our focus on investing. Dividend Growth Investing: Is it Right for You? written by Stefan was a great read for me because it focused on dividend growth investing, a major method we are using to accelerate our reaching financial independence. Stefan clearly outlines what dividend investing means and some if its benefits. Most importantly, he highlights the major benefit of dividend growth investing which is taking advantage of both capital appreciation and dividend payouts (which can be used to purchase more share, thereby accelerating growth). He closes with his final thoughts on dividend investing and why he uses it as a major form of reaching financial independence.

Money After Graduation:

Bridget from Money After Graduation talks about an important issue that is near and dear to my heart, student loan debt repayment. Her article This is Why You Have to Pay Your debt Early, outlines the math behind making those extra little payments each month and the major tangible benefits this approach will have on your future. Whether you are taking an aggressive approach to debt repayment, like myself, or paying it down slowly, she beautifully outlines the benefits of both.

Our Frugal Escapades:

Is Achieving FIRE (Financial Independence Retiring Early) Worth the Sacrifice? Our Frugal Escapades ponders this questions and details her experience to striving to achieve FIRE. In this article, she shares some of the sacrifices she has made to get to where she is at today and whether or not she will regret her decision in the future. As I am contemplating taking the journey towards achieving FIRE, her perspective and story was a real encouragement and eye opener for me.

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